Organic and Fair Trade Etiko Sneakers - High Top - All Black



These sneakers are made of Fairtrade and organic (GOTS) certified cotton and a sole made of natural FSC certified rubber, which means that it was tapped from a tree growing in a well managed forest rather than of being made from petro-chemicals like most other rubber products.

The Australian brand behind these sneakers, Etiko, has been awarded several times for its social values, and its respect for human rights and the environment, and received the A rating for its ethical production in the Australian Fashion Report every year since 2013.

BONUS: They are also 100% vegan! No animal glue or leather was used to make them, unlike most other shoes on the market.

For every pair you buy in store, Etiko will donate $15 to the Pure Art Foundation's Daycare program in Pucallpa, Peru.

There is a bigger selection on Etiko's website; if you make your purchase there, Etiko will donate $10 to the Foundation's Daycare program.

4 models available in store and online:

  • Low Cut - All Black
  • Low Cut - Black & White
  • Hi Top - All Black
  • Hi Top - White

To learn more about the Pure Art Foundation's Daycare program, click here.